Make it easier for consumers to repay you

Consumers need tools that empower them, not another phone call, email or text message

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Built with input from industry leaders

+50 Industry
Thought Leaders

A better customer experience

Kredit provides a single destination to resolve any account in collections.

While consumers resolve old accounts, we connect them with powerful tools and tailored financial resources.

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Refer account holders and let them drive conversations

Account holders can engage any time they're ready.

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Reduce expensive and redundant consumer outreach.

Discuss flexible
repayment plans

Direct conversations lead to mutually agreeable solutions, based on the terms your clients allow.

Robust messaging and payment features

Asynchronous Messaging
Chat in real-time or at your convenience
Repayment Plans
Easily define the payment plans you're allowed to accept
Compliance Management
Export your messaging history to document conversations
Multiple Payment Methods
Select the payments types you accept: ACH, credit card or debit card
Easy Set Up
Pre-integrated technology gets you up and running quickly!
Friendly Reminders
Get notified when conversations need your attention or payments are due
Embedded eSignature
Document agreements so both parties have a record
Any Device Access
Ensure business continuity for your critical operations
Bank-Grade KYC & AML
Easily verify account holder identity to keep your clients safe

Understand how Kredit enables your success

Transparency ensures strong partnerships

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