Become digital-first without changing your technology vendors, roadmap or budget.

Allow consumers to self-serve and resolve accounts 24/7.

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How it works

  1. Invite consumers with referral links on letters, emails and texts
  2. Secure your place as the first repayment priority
  3. Collect online payments

Bundle infrastructure.
Make resolution seamless.
Pay one low rate.

Get the tools you need to digitize your business and reduce costs.

Multiple Payment Methods

Select the payment types you accept: credit card, debit card or ACH.

Embedded eSignature

Document agreements so both parties have a record.

Bank-Grade KYC & AML

Easily verify account holder identity to keep your clients safe.

Asynchronous Messaging

Chat in real-time or at your convenience.

Repayment Plans

Easily define the payment plans you're allowed to accept.

Friendly Reminders

Get notified when conversations need your attention or payments are due.

Any Device Access

Ensure business continuity for your critical operations.

Compliance Management

Export your messaging history to document conversations.

Easy Set Up

Pre-integrated technology gets you up and running quickly!

Route consumers to one common destination and reduce costly outreach.

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Route consumers - phone

Licensed & verified
are eligible to join the Kredit network.

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Consumers are at the heart of what we do. The Kredit platform is built with consumer protection and regulatory compliance at the forefront to provide an environment that is safe and welcoming to engage in.

Kredit works with network members to ensure that all interactions and consumer-facing processes are up to date with the latest rules and regulations for digital debt collection, while also empowering additional risk management best practices to keep your organization safe and responsible.


Join the Kredit network by providing proof of your organization’s good standing and completing the onboarding process.

Link your payment processing and collections software or loan management system to get started.

Frequently asked questions

How do businesses access the Kredit platform?

Business users can access Kredit enterprise applications to manage their activity through any laptop or desktop with internet access.

Does Kredit require businesses to upload consumer data to its platform?

No, Kredit exclusively accepts information entered and supplied by consumers, or imported through direct integrations upon each consumers explicit direction.

This ensures proper disclosures are made to each individual and incremental authorizations are provided by them at every step in our data collection and handling process.

This also provides legal protection for business users of Kredit's platform from accidently sharing information they are not authorized to share.

Can Kredit help me if I'm a passive debt buyer or creditor?

Yes, Kredit's platform accelerates consumers locating delinquent accounts, whether a debt buyer or creditor has placed an account with a collection agency or is engaging consumers directly.

Kredit understands the importance of maintaining healthy recovery networks and works with debt buyer & creditor organizations to ensure consumers are routed to resolve accounts with whichever organizations they entrust to handle consumer interactions.

Can law firms who perform collection activities leverage Kredit's platform?

Yes, law firms that perform consumer collection activities and are appropriately licensed can leverage Kredit's platform to interact with consumers.

What is the first step in the set-up process for a collection agency, collection law firm, debt buyer or creditor?

The business needs to contact the Kredit team, provide proof of the organizations good standing and designate an internal representative.

How are consumers directed to the Kredit platform?

Kredit network members invite account holders to interact with them using unique referral links which can be added to existing consumer communications.

From there, consumers voluntarily sign-up for a Kredit account and explore their resolution options with the collection agency, debt buyer, creditor or collection law firm who invited them before they can resolve accounts with any other organization.

Consumers can also sign up organically through the Kredit website without being invited by a network member and resolve accounts.