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Outreach module


Organize SMS & email campaigns from one place. Reach consumers through channels they prefer, with communications that enable them to self-resolve.


Enable consumers to self-resolve accounts on their terms. Present flexible payment methods and terms in a simple and secure interface to increase and accelerate conversion.
Portal module
Settlement module


Automate negotiations with debt settlement firms and others. Expand counterparties by interacting through a trusted ecosystem of verified stakeholders with embedded compliance controls.


Plug into a network of financial apps resolving accounts. The next generation of "meeting consumers where they are" is right around the corner.
Protocol module

Get access to every channel with one all-purpose integration.

Make the connection via SFTP or API.

High-integrity data handling and regulatory compliance - to Kredit, it’s fundamental.

Data security

Kredit utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to protect data at rest and TLS 1.2 to secure data in transit.
Sensitive data is safeguarded with multi-layered defenses in our cloud environments, providing peace of mind and enabling Network Members to focus on strategic operations.
Kredit's multi-layered security framework employs the latest encryption, access controls and monitoring techniques.

Data integrity

Kredit leverages robust data integrity protocols, safeguarding valuable information against unauthorized tampering or loss.
Ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of data is critical to gaining a competitive edge in how organizations can make sound decisions for long-term success.
Kredit employs processes, rules and standards that ensure the overall accuracy, completeness and consistency of data.


Kredit helps protect against potential fraud and abuse by employing industry best practices to verify the identity of individual consumers and entities who join the Kredit network.
Retain and access data for as long as is necessary to comply with local, state, and federal laws, as well as client and internal requirements.
Kredit maintains PCI-DSS compliance to provide assurance that any cardholder payment information is kept secure.

Frequently asked questions

How do Kredit Network Members access the Kredit platform?
Kredit Network Members can grant an unlimited number of users access to the Kredit platform, where they manage activity across each recovery channel. Each user is assigned a permission level based on their role.
Does Kredit require businesses to upload consumer data to its platform?
Kredit supports multiple data transmission methods, including APIs and SFTPs. Network Members are not required to upload account information for every consumer. Rather, the Kredit platform connects to each Network Members' system of record and pulls in account information and posts payments back to the organization's system of record as consumers resolve accounts.
Can Kredit help me if I'm a passive debt buyer or lender?
Yes, Kredit's platform accelerates consumers locating delinquent accounts, whether a debt buyer or lender has placed an account with a collection agency or is engaging consumers directly. Kredit understands the importance of maintaining healthy recovery networks and works with debt buyer & lender organizations to ensure consumers are routed to resolve accounts with whichever organizations they entrust to handle consumer interactions.
What is the first step in the set-up process for a collection agency, collection law firm, debt buyer or lender?
The business needs to contact the Kredit team, provide proof of the organizations good standing and designate an internal representative.

Modular solutions, one integration.

Kredit is a networked operating system that automates managing high-margin recovery channels, through a single integration. Each module can be used by itself to automate the highest priority channel, or as part of a holistic strategy.
Organize SMS & email campaigns from one place.
Simple templates or custom communications
Embedded controls for regulatory requirements
Analytics to measure & optimize outbound engagement
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Enable consumers to self-resolve accounts on their terms.
24/7 access from any internet-connected device
Payments in full, installment plans, settlement options
Optional chat, disputes, document exchange
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Automate negotiations with debt settlement firms.
Central compliance management of diverse counterparties
Manual, bulk, and rule-based negotiation options
Data driven insights and trends across portfolios
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Plug into a network of financial apps resolving accounts.
Inbound engagement, initiated by consumers
Simple account look-up and payment functions
Code-driven compliance, enforced with every interaction
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