The simple, free way to resolve accounts in collections.

Look up accounts, compare repayment options, be in control.
Free way to resolve accounts
View all accounts

View all accounts in one place.

Get an overview of all your accounts. Make payments and keep track of them for each individual account.

Message verified collectors.

Kredit makes sure every debt collector on its platform is a legitimate business that's licensed by regulators whose job it is to keep you safe.

No more calling random numbers or logging into confusing websites. Kredit lets you talk to any in-network firm in one place.
Message collectors
Pick repayment option

Pick between repayment options that work for you.

Most firms can propose several flexible options to choose from. You decide which one you can afford and pick the timing that works best for you.

Private and secure

No harassment

Tell organizations with Kredit profiles when and how to communicate.

On the record

Chat online with organizations who enable the feature, so everything is in writing.

Complete privacy

Kredit never shares financial information without direct consumer consent.

Strong encryption

Kredit uses bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption to keep information safe and secure.

Frequently asked questions

Is Kredit a lender, collection agency, debt buyer, or collection law firm?
No, Kredit is not a financial institution itself. Rather, Kredit is a technology platform that helps individuals and different firms managing their accounts directly resolve those accounts in a safe and digital space.
How does Kredit keep my financial data safe?
Kredit uses bank-grade security measures to keep information safe and secure. All financial data and communications within the Kredit platform are fully encrypted, so you can rest easy.
Does Kredit verify that organizations with profiles on its platform are legitimate?
Yes, all organizations accessible through Kredit have been reviewed to ensure they have the appropriate state-level licenses from regulators to operate, at the time they are onboarded and periodically after that. The required licenses and permitted geographies for each firm may vary.
Does Kredit share my contact information with debt collectors?
User contact information is only provided to organizations with profiles on Kredit if specific permission is given.
Does Kredit charge me fees?
No! Kredit does not charge any fees to individuals. Organizations with profiles on Kredit cover the cost of  resolving accounts with them through the Kredit platform.

Review accounts all in one place and map the path to financial well-being.

Look up account information, compare repayment options, be in control.


Kredit's resource center features guides to navigate various financial situations and make informed decisions.
Credit reporting

Dealing with Debt Buyers on Your Credit Report

It’s important to take steps toward improved credit, particularly since bad debt remains on a credit report for up to seven years and a debt buyer stands to make a profit on the debt if they can recoup anything from the consumer.
Debt settlement

Debt Settlement Tax Concerns

When making a deal with a debt collector to pay back the debt for less than it originally cost there may be some taxes that you have to pay to the IRS for settling for less.