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Jump start resolving accounts with a free credit report

Uncover valuable insights and opportunities to improve creditworthiness with a view of all credit reported accounts.
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View all accounts

View all accounts in one place

Effortlessly track any accounts that are currently reported to the credit bureaus, to make better decisions and get peace of mind with a complete picture.

Take action on credit reported accounts

Engage directly with firms who already have a Kredit profile. No more searching for phone numbers or endlessly investigating firms to whom lenders have outsourced collections or sold accounts.
Take action on reported accounts
Monitor credit report activity

Monitor credit report activity to ensure payments were applied

Organizations which report accounts to the credit bureaus are required to update account information within 45 days of any activity. Track reports to make sure they reflect recent changes.

Gain financial control with a free credit report

No cost, no credit score impact

Pulling a soft credit report through Kredit has no negative impacts.

Personal financial snapshot

Access the full financial overview lenders use to evaluate accounts.

Easy access, easy actions

Don't just get information, take actions that improve financial well-being.

Security and privacy

Rest assured that financial data is kept secure, and not shared with debt collectors.

Frequently asked questions

Does obtaining a free credit report have a negative impact on my credit score?
No, obtaining a free credit report does not have a negative credit score impact. It is considered a "soft inquiry", which does not affect your credit rating in any way.
Is my personal and financial information secure on the platform?
We prioritize the privacy and security of our users' information. Our platform implements robust data security measures to safeguard personal and financial details. Financial organizations never receive consumers’ credit reported information - it's solely for a consumer to use.
How reliable and accurate is the information provided on the platform, especially for accounts in collections?
Credit report data comes directly from the three primary credit bureaus. While most information is accurate, a consumer may believe some information is incorrect. If this occurs, consumers have a legal right to reach out to the credit bureaus directly and they must thoroughly investigate any issues identified.

Review accounts all in one place and map the path to financial well-being.

Look up account information, compare repayment options, be in control.


Kredit's resource center features guides to navigate various financial situations and make informed decisions.
Credit reporting

Dealing with Debt Buyers on Your Credit Report

It’s important to take steps toward improved credit, particularly since bad debt remains on a credit report for up to seven years and a debt buyer stands to make a profit on the debt if they can recoup anything from the consumer.
Credit reporting

What Does “R” Mean on my Credit Report?

If you see an “R” rating on your credit report, it refers to your revolving credit accounts and can change based on your payment habits.