Frequently asked questions

Is Kredit a lender, collection agency, debt buyer, or collection law firm?
No, Kredit is not a financial institution itself. Rather, Kredit is a technology platform that helps individuals and different firms managing their accounts directly resolve those accounts in a safe and digital space.
How does Kredit keep my financial data safe?
Kredit uses bank-grade security measures to keep information safe and secure. All financial data and communications within the Kredit platform are fully encrypted, so you can rest easy.
Does Kredit verify that organizations with profiles on its platform are legitimate?
Yes, all organizations accessible through Kredit have been reviewed to ensure they have the appropriate state-level licenses from regulators to operate, at the time they are onboarded and periodically after that. The required licenses and permitted geographies for each firm may vary.
Does Kredit share my contact information with debt collectors?
User contact information is only provided to organizations with profiles on Kredit if specific permission is given.
Does Kredit charge me fees?
No! Kredit does not charge any fees to individuals. Organizations with profiles on Kredit cover the cost of  resolving accounts with them through the Kredit platform.
Does obtaining a free credit report have a negative impact on my credit score?
No, obtaining a free credit report does not have a negative credit score impact. It is considered a "soft inquiry", which does not affect your credit rating in any way.
Is my personal and financial information secure on the platform?
We prioritize the privacy and security of our users' information. Our platform implements robust data security measures to safeguard personal and financial details. Financial organizations never receive consumers’ credit reported information - it's solely for a consumer to use.
How reliable and accurate is the information provided on the platform, especially for accounts in collections?
Credit report data comes directly from the three primary credit bureaus. While most information is accurate, a consumer may believe some information is incorrect. If this occurs, consumers have a legal right to reach out to the credit bureaus directly and they must thoroughly investigate any issues identified.

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