Convert consumers into payers, for you and then others.

More than just an online payment platform, Kredit's ecosystem of consumer-authorized reminders, notices, and notifications nurture individuals through self-resolving accounts from start to finish.
Consumer portal

Empower individuals to resolve their first account quickly, with the option to address other accounts after.

One account may not be the complete picture.

Prioritize the 1st payment

Invite consumers to resolve through Kredit and get rewarded by the network for driving traffic.

Track in-platform conversion

Help consumers to gain confidence and understand their obligations and resolve accounts fully with in-platform notifications and reminders.
One-to-many network

Bubble up other accounts

Let consumers prioritize and address additional accounts after successfully resolving the first one.

Drive financial well-being

Leverage our network of partners to provide consumers with valuable insights into budgeting and a range of other helpful tools.

Easily onboard consumers.

Register profile
Step 1

Register a company profile

Contact a member of the Kredit team to register as a licensed financial institution.
Connect data
Step 2

Connect account data

Use the platform with existing systems. Connect account information to the user-friendly interface.
Drive traffic
Step 3

Drive portal traffic

Invite consumers to resolve accounts with referral links on letters, emails, texts and a website.

The right level of friction for easy conversion, safety and security.

Give consumers the power to quickly self-resolve accounts, followed by notifications to ensure they satisfy promises. Optional invitations to bubble up other accounts follow.
Confirm right party contact

Quickly confirm right-party contact

Limit third-party disclosure risk.
Authenticate based on identity.
Build trust through security.
Forget remembering account numbers.

Consumers pick their preferred payment option

Full payments, installments, or settlements.
Set options that adapt to user behavior.
Flex variables that increase conversion.
Test into the optimal strategy.
Pick payment options
Get notifications

Notifications nurture through the full repayment journey

Promises to pay, converted to payments.
Send automatic payment receipts.
Nurture the full payment journey.
Enable self-resolving broken plans.

Consumers receive a free credit report or volunteer other accounts

Accounts bubble up, with invitations to take action.
Claim credit reported names which Kredit matches to a profile.
Become easily discoverable with a searchable profile.
Track inbound engagement other firms drive.
Free credit report

Bundle infrastructure. Make resolution seamless. Pay one low rate.

Get the tools you need to digitize and reduce costs.

Free credit reports

Bubble up other accounts to accelerate decision making.

Multiple payment methods

Select payment types you accept: credit card, debit card or ACH.

Embedded eSignature

Electronically sign agreements so both parties have a record.

Live chat

Chat in real-time or when convenient.

Repayment plans

Easily define permitted payment plans.

Friendly reminders

Highlight when conversations need attention or payments are due.

Compliance management

Export messaging history to document conversations.

Bank-grade KYC and AML

Easily verify account holder identity to keep clients safe.

Compliance and regulatory requirements

The Kredit platform is built with consumer protection and regulatory compliance at the forefront to provide an environment that is safe and welcoming.

Kredit works to ensure that all interactions and consumer-facing processes are up to date with the latest rules and regulations for digital debt collection. Kredit also provides valuable risk management best practices designed to keep organizations safe and compliant.
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Frequently asked questions

How are consumers directed to the Kredit platform?
Kredit Network Members invite account holders to interact with them using unique referral links, which can be added to existing consumer communications. From there, consumers voluntarily sign-up for a Kredit account and explore their resolution options with the collection agency, debt buyer, lender or collection law firm who invited them before they can resolve their accounts with any other organization. Consumers can also sign up organically through the Kredit website without being invited by a Network Member and resolve accounts.
Does Kredit prioritize which firms are paid first?
When individual Network Members drive consumer traffic to the Kredit Portal through referral links, and all Network Members benefit from watershed consumer engagement, the original organization must be repaid before others. If a consumer finds the Kredit platform without being invited by a specific organization, no organization is prioritized over another.
Can Network Members choose to only accept certain payment methods?
Yes. While Kredit and its payment processing partners support payment methods including bank transfers, debit cards and credit cards, each Network Member makes the final decision about what payment types they want to accept. Some organizations don't accept certain payment types for regulatory reasons or because of client restrictions. Others do so to minimize fees.
Can organizations turn off features the Portal supports, but they aren't ready to use?
Yes, Kredit's flexible architecture allows every Network Member to individually choose which interaction features they want to turn on or turn off. While Kredit's goal is to maximize engagement between consumers and Network Members, no organization is forced to enable every feature set. Examples include live chat, chatbots and disputes.
Does Kredit ever interact directly with consumers?
The only time that Kredit interacts with consumers is when they have technical support questions about the Kredit platform itself. Kredit does not answer account-related questions for consumers. In the event a consumer asks Kredit an account-related question through a technical support channel, they are referred to speak with the organization who manages their account via one of their available communication channels.

Ready to explore the Kredit platform further?

Schedule time to discuss how each platform module can be tailored to meet unique needs, drive efficiency and growth, and enable organization evolution.

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