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Credit reporting

Dealing with Debt Buyers on Your Credit Report

It’s important to take steps toward improved credit, particularly since bad debt remains on a credit report for up to seven years and a debt buyer stands to make a profit on the debt if they can recoup anything from the consumer.
Debt settlement

Debt Settlement Tax Concerns

When making a deal with a debt collector to pay back the debt for less than it originally cost there may be some taxes that you have to pay to the IRS for settling for less.
Collections activity

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments

When bad debt is reported to a credit bureau, it lowers your credit score, but collections agencies have been known to try to use bank levies and wage garnishments in late stage collecting.
Debt settlement

6 Steps to Pay Off Multiple Credit Cards

This step-by-step guide can help you dig yourself out of debt accrued from more than one credit card.
Credit score

Differences Between Debt-to-Income & Credit Utilization Ratios

Your debt-to-income ratio is your total monthly debt payment divided by your monthly gross income whereas your credit utilization ratio compares the amount you are currently borrowing to how much you could borrow on your credit cards.
Financial planning

Budgeting Strategies for People in Financial Distress

These four strategies can help you get your finances back in order.
Credit score

Credit Score Myths Debunked

Knowing what will and won’t hurt your credit score is confusing. We explore six of the most common credit score myths so you know the truth.
Debt settlement

Common Debt Settlement Concerns

Four things to keep in mind if you’re considering paying off your debts with a debt settlement arrangement.
Financial planning

Advantages of Using a Credit Card

Credit cards are often associated with debt and interest, but there are certain advantages to having credit cards if you take the steps to use them right.