Engage efficiently with affordable SMS and email outreach.

Getting messages delivered doesn't need to break the bank, no matter the volume.
Outreach module

Centrally manage outreach with tailor-made tools.

Start with simple templates

Our templates drive desired client responses for debt repayment.

Customize and segment messaging

Send tailored messages to consumers across multiple channels, including text and email.
Email & text outreach

Stay compliant and safe

Ensure delivery of messages via compliant processes and maintain a clear record of communication history.

Track and test strategies

Manage and track campaigns, ensuring messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Easily create campaigns.

Connect data
Step 1

Connect account data

Use the platform with existing systems. Connect information to include in messages.
Choose creative
Step 2

Choose communication type and creative

Leverage templates or custom communications.
Schedule campaigns
Step 3

Schedule campaigns

Orchestrate communications that yield engagement along each consumers' journey.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know SMS messages will get delivered?
While Kredit supports organizations sending SMS messages from 10DLC numbers, each Kredit Network Member receives assistance to subscribe for a vanity or non-vanity short-code. Registering each organization as an approved sender supercharges SMS delivery rates and eliminates messages getting blocked by carriers for suspicious content.
Does Kredit require purchasing large blocks of message credits?
No, Kredit does not require organizations to make large capital investments before seeing performance. Get started by testing delivery, conversion and payment rates before scaling investments in the email and SMS channels.
Does Kredit help me know what email and SMS messages to send?
Kredit supports Network Members with a set of free email and SMS message templates developed by veteran industry practitioners. Communications are delivered under each organization’s name (not Kredit's), matched to their brand colors, and managed through the Kredit platform.

Note: Communication templates Kredit provides must be reviewed with an organization's compliance and legal teams before use with consumers.
Can Kredit Network Members leverage their own communication templates?
Yes! Kredit aspires to be helpful to Network Members, not restrictive. If an organization has invested in developing their own templates they can upload them to the Kredit platform and send them through Kredit's infrastructure.

Ready to explore the Kredit platform further?

Schedule time to discuss how each platform module can be tailored to meet unique needs, drive efficiency and growth, and enable organization evolution.

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