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47 mins

Converting Digital Outreach to Paying Consumers

Kristyn Leffler, John Kelan, Aleks Whitchurch, Tim Collins, Ema Rouf
29 mins

State of Collections by the Data

Dave Wasik, Cayla Riggs, Jason Klotch, Teresa Dodson
43 mins

Structuring Operations to Capitalize on New Channels & Technology

Chris Repholz, Porter Heath Morgan, Pran Navanandan
29 mins

Selecting Recovery Network Members Who Can Digitally Convert

Joe Barbito, Mike Cassidy, Dave Hanrahan
40 mins

How Financial Apps Are Adding Inbound Recovery Channels

Joann Needleman, Rachel Lauren, Joshua Allen
52 mins

The Role of Debt Relief and Credit Counseling

Robby Birnbaum, Gabriel Gorelik, Kellie Belote

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