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Credit reporting

What Does “R” Mean on my Credit Report?

If you see an “R” rating on your credit report, it refers to your revolving credit accounts and can change based on your payment habits.
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Tactics Used by Debt Collectors and How You Should Respond

Seven common tactics used by debt collectors -- plus strategies for dealing with collectors in general.
Credit reporting

Ways to Accurately Check Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a number between 300-850 that communicates your creditworthiness to lenders. It is run every time you apply for credit, so that the lender can see it, but there are also ways for you to check yourself.
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Types of Debt That Can Be Sold

Debt buyers purchase many types of debts from issuing creditors for a portion of the price to profit if they can collect any money from the consumer.
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How to Tell if You Have Been Called by a Phony Debt Collector

How to identify whether you’re dealing with a fake debt collector -- and what to do in case you are.
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Life Stages of Unsecured Debt

Unsecured debt has different stages based on how removed from the due date you are.
Debt settlement

How to Negotiate the Best Debt Settlement Agreement

When you should call to negotiate a debt settlement -- plus what you should say and do on the call.
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How to Deal with Collection Calls

What the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows collectors to do and how you can stop collections calls altogether.
Credit reporting

How to Repair Your Credit Report after Identity Theft

How to fix your credit report after your identity is stolen -- so you can get your finances back in order and under your control.
Credit reporting

What is Credit Repair Software?

Keeping track of and navigating your credit report can be hard, but credit report software makes it a lot easier with their three main types that help you easily see your credit score, delete fraud and project the outcome of your credit reports.